Online Compliance and Risk Tool

The Business and Operational Compliance Systems (BOCS) Online Compliance and Risk Tool is an integrated, web-enabled library of key documents required to obtain an ASIC Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and/or Australian Credit Licence (ACL) and meet its ongoing requirements with regard to compliance and risk management.


The library includes:
•a detailed compliance plan mapped to and integrated with a comprehensive risk management framework
•policies and procedures for key areas such as – governance, corporate, compliance, finance, operations, investment management, human resources and information technology
•a comprehensive library of risks commonly encountered by AFS/ACL Licensees and fund managers
•registers, checklists and standard correspondence (such as form letters) associated with the policies and procedures
•reports required for compliance and operational activities
•for listed investment companies the ASX listing rules


Your BOCS Online Compliance and Risk Tool:
•is customised and branded for your business
•includes all the policies, procedures, reports, registers, checklists and form letters your business requires
•provides email alerting for monthly, quarterly and annual compliance deadlines
•continuous online attestations and email notifications
•identified risks are fully integrated with compliance and operations procedures, controls and reports
•can be hosted on your intranet, or securely in the cloud
•is password protected at site access and functional area levels


BOCS Online Compliance and Risk Tool is the ideal solution for:
•rapidly implementing a comprehensive compliance and risk management framework for a new entity
•replacing or strengthening an incomplete or fragmented compliance and risk management framework in an existing business